Chef Danielle Moore: A Woman, a Brand, a Legacy

From baking to bedding, the Brooklyn-based visionary is claiming space in home and lifestyle…

image: photo of Danielle Moore in a bathtub that’s filled with African-print pillows. Photo courtesy of

When I met Danielle Moore in 2010, she was a popular Brooklyn-based baker, known for baking cakes and pastries. Before shows like Cupcake Wars and Nailed It was trending, Danielle was known as the go-to baker for mouthwatering works of art. Eventually, she would expand Annie Mae’s Cheesecakes into a full food service company, offering catering, dinner parties, and cooking tutorials. Raised in Brooklyn by a mother and grandmother who loved to cook, entertain, and serve as matriarchs to their community. While the women in her family gave her the tools to pursue her culinary aspirations, it would be another Black woman to encourage Moore to take her brilliance to the next level.

From June Cleaver to Martha Stewart, white women wearing aprons while baking pies have long been the poster of American home and lifestyle culture. In reality, Black women have curated the detail and nuance that has become the modern ‘domestic goddess.’ Despite lack of representation, one Black woman exceeded in all expectations and soared in home and lifestyle branding; Barbara Elain ‘B.’ Smith. Like Moore’s mother, B. Smith was a Philly-born known it-girl in 1980s-90s home and living trends. Her innate sense of style and presentation certified her success in food, entertainment, and home decor. Smith fused modern American styles with traditional African American aesthetics, rivaling the adornment of Martha Stewart.

Sadly, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2013 put a sudden halt to the B. Smith brand. The tragic absence of Black America’s beloved domestic goddess was a loss for future generations. At this moment, Moore decided it was time to pick up the fallen torch, expanding her brand to include headwraps, bedding, and home decor. Her online cooking talk show Talking With Your Mouth Full, effortlessly fuses her niche for entertaining, cooking, and delivering the latest tips and reviews on kitchenware, home and living, and current events.

“Once it’s gone, it’s gone!”

The above quote is a reminder that Moore often gives customers who admire her prints. It’s because much of her line is inspiration-driven, focusing more on couture statements rather than a mass-production of products. While this means that the headwrap you fell in love with last Monday likely won’t be available today, it also means that the product you’re receiving is unique and hard to come by.

image: me, wearing an exclusive 2018 Chef Danielle headwrap.

It’s not just a lampshade. It’s a legacy.

For Moore, B. Smith may have provided a path to building success through natural skills, but it was the influence of her mother and grandmother that taught her about the generational significance. With both women having been prolific matriarchs in their respective communities, it was after their deaths that Moore accepted the calling.

“Whether it’s your own or it’s somebody that looks like you, we need to continue our legacies.” — Danielle Moore

As Americans continue to wade ourselves through the COVID-19 pandemic, our homes’ comfort has become paramount. Even those who lack a domestic thumb are forced to take stock of their dwellings and consider upgrades and replacements. Moore’s designer lamps, bedding, and day pillow covers have anticipated consumers’ needs before anyone else. Without any connections to big-money institutions, Moore’s expansion has been reliant on word-of-mouth, quality product, and consistent service. It’s all the more reason why the launch of her home decor line is so stately.

There’s more to Moore’s product line for all of its fashion and practicality than just the print. As the matriarchs before her left the recipes and lifestyles behind for her inspiration, expansion is Moore’s gift to us and the generations that follow.

Below are some of my favorite products created by Chef Danielle, along with the link for you to purchase:

Aprons and Cookware

Chef Danielle’s aprons are one size fits all both for children and adults. There are some that come with matching headwraps, adding flavor to both you and your dish! Like many of Moore’s creations, these pieces are couture and sell out quickly. Keep track of her latest designs and patterns by following her here on Instagam.

Lamps & Lamp Shades

This latest addition in Chef Danielle’s home decor line has become an instant hit. Made with original African print fabrics and unique designs, each lamp is usually showcased individually and quickly sold.

Cake in a Jar

It says cake, but really… it’s heaven. For diehard fans of Chef Danielle, cakes and pastries are what she’s known and celebrated for. By taking the cake off the plate and into the jar, Moore honors the legacies of both her mother and grandmother, while taking traditional recipes and making them her own. Best of all, SHE DELIVERS!


There are simply no other brand offering these exclusive African prints for bedding. Available in all sizes, bedding products have become a part of Moore’s signature collection often selling out as quickly as they’re posted. From the thread count to the fitting, each set guarantees high quality, good price, and serious comfort.

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