VVhite Feminism Dipped in Politics

New York based political writer and commentator, Amy Siskind, is currently being called out for present and past problematic tweets, as well as blocking Black women who ask her valid questions. A fusion of narrow-minded statements blended with a bias towards Black women have put the writer in conflict with her politics, her ties with feminism, and who it is she’s really resisting. Sadly, she represents the white feminism that chooses to endorse political figures who pose threats to Black women, opposed to a true Sisterhood that holds space for conflict resolution, equality, and intersectionality.

The initial tweet that put Amy Siskind in hot water. courtesy: Twiter/AmySiskind
Kathy Griffin, calling out Amy Siskind on Twitter for dismissing and blocking Black women.
Writer and activist Ijeoma Oluo, correlating Siskind’s abrasive critique of president Obama and Black Lives Matter with the current wave of hatred Black Americans receive from Trump supporters and white America.
Writer and blogger Luvvie, correcting a white woman who suggests that Siskind should be written off for being ‘very young and uneducated’. Neither is true.

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